7 simple Ways To Slash Your Auto Insurance Costs

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The law requires you purchase auto insurance. So if you must get cover, how can you reduce costs ? Here's 7 simple ways to get the best viable auto insurance deal.

* Multiple Quotes

Get multiple quotes - use the internet and call a few brokers. It's simple to accumulate some good comparison quotes.

Remember to get non-identical types of quotes e.g one from a direct-sell insurance company; another from an offline broker who keeps a database of quotes; and a couple from the internet.

Cheapest might not mean best. Will they pay out if you make a bay ? How financially secure ? How reputable ? Check around with family and friends, and look for online reviews.

* non-identical type of vehicle

Insurance costs vary depending on vehicle type. Obviously, that $100k sports version costs more to insure than your average runabout. If you're planning to purchase a brand-new vehicle, check insurance costs before you purchase. I once set my heart on a pretty, high performance, highly tuned Pontiac.

Luckily I checked the auto insurance before I bought it, because I couldn't get insurance. Every broker, every insurance company flat turned me down because I lived in a high vehicle-crime venue. So I had to forget the vehicle of my dreams until I moved up-town.

* Age and Value of vehicle

Maybe you're buying an used vehicle ? Maybe your vehicle saw acceptable days a few years ago, and now values much lower ? So why pay for high-priced auto insurance ? In particular, do you still need fully comprehensive coverage ?

a good rule of thumb multiplies insurance premium by 10, and compares that figure with your vehicle value. So if you're quoted $1000 premium and your vehicle is worth less than $10,000 you may want to think if comprehensive represents good value. If you drop collision and/or comprehensive coverage, you should get enormous savings.

* Higher deductibles (excess charges)

Most auto insurance companies use deductibles to keep policy cost down. Deductibles, or excess charges, show what you pay before your auto insurance policy kicks in. strive requesting quotes with non-identical steps of deductibles, and see how your quotes vary.

Most internet quote forms contain a box where you can choose preferred stage of deductibles. request your broker his recommended stage. For instance, going from $250 to $500 deductible can slash your insurance costs by 20% or more. Go to $1000 and you save a lot of cash. But you must pay the deductible if you need to make a bay !

* Multiple Insurances

I guess this might come under the 'Get Multiple Quotes' heading, but it's still worth mentioning separately. You usually get an insurance break if you purchase multiple policies with the same insurer.

This might mean multiple vehicles, or homeowner and auto insurance. Either route it's worth asking about multi-policy discounts.

* Low Mileage

More and more people work at home. No more commuting. Fewer business trips. Low mileage on your vehicle. Maybe you do journey to work, but vehicle pool ?

Either route, look for low mileage discounts.

* Good Driving Record

a good driving record always reduces your auto insurance costs. Keep a clean drivers license. Don't speed, don't steer dangerously, and you'll save cash (apart from other benefits !)

* Bonus Tip

Okay, I said '7 Ways...', but here's some additional tips. Fit anti-theft devices to your vehicle. Go on an advanced rider training course. Use daytime running lights. If you're a college student away from home, consider adding to parents policy.

This short article covers the things you must consider when shopping for auto insurance. Follow these tips and you'll slash your auto insurance costs.

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