Changing lubricant and Filter

If you live within a city-limits, be sure to check with the city manager's office to see if they have any regulations about working on your own automobile in your yard or driveway. Thanks!

Park your automobile on a stage surface and put blocks of wood or bricks behind the procreate tires.

Jack the front of the automobile up enough for you to get under it.

Be SURE to put jacks stands under the body (behind the front wheels) or put some timbers under the tires and let the weight off the jack.

Put a piece of cardboard, or an old blanket, underneath the automobile to lie down on (I hate working on the *ground*). ?º

Get a pail or pan that will hold at least 6 or 7 quarts of fluid to drain the lubricant into.

It's a mess having a pan that holds 4 quarts and letting 5 quarts of old lubricant running into it! ?¼

You will need a wrench to remove the lubricant pan drain plug. PLEASE, don't use one of those "adjustable" things. All they do is "circular" the shoulders on the plug. Get the proper equipment.

You need a filter wrench that will fit your lubricant filter.

Be sure the motor has had moment to cool down. Hot lubricant will blaze you, and blaze you, and keep on burning you! ?¼

Now, the best path to go about this is to see where the lubricant filter is. If it will be just above you, leave it until last. Old lubricant will *drip* on you (yes!)

Put the drain pan under the lubricant pan drain plug and remove the plug, slowly. Once you have it loose, you can remove it with your fingers, it's easier.

After the lubricant stops running out of the lubricant pan, put the plug back in by hand. Don't force it, make sure you can loop it up simple, you don't want to "cross-thread" it (you would be looking for me then!).

Tighten it with the wrench. When you get it "snug", put a tiny amount of "pressure" on the wrench. Not too much, but we don't want it to leak, either!

Now, move the drain pan (slowly) under the lubricant filter.

Take the filter wrench and slip it over the lubricant filter, being sure you have the handle where it will tighten up on the filter when you pull the handle toward you.

Pull the filter wrench handle toward you. Sometimes this might take quite a lot of pressure. When the lubricant filter breaks loose you can remove the wrench and turn it with your hand.

Have on cloth gloves or use paper towels because lubricant will probably run down the side of the filter.

Continue to loop the filter off and put it into the drain pan.

Unless your lubricant filter is positioned upside-down, you want to pour fresh lubricant into it.

Be sure to put lubricant on the rubber gasket. That protects the seal and makes it easier to remove next moment.

As you put the brand-new filter onto the threaded spout, be VERY cautious not to "cross-thread" it. If you can loop it easily, you're ok.

Once you get it snug, tighten it as much as you can with your hand (unless you're a soccer player).

Now, I usually take the filter wrench and turn it about an inch, or less. You don't want to get it too firm, it will squeeze the mating material and cause lubricant to seep from around it.

Now, jack the vehicle up and take the supports out and let the automobile down on its tires.

lift the hood and remove the lubricant filler cap (the 710 if your cap is backward and has lubricant written on it) ?º.

Most vehicles take 5 quarts (with filter) to refill them. Some take only 4.5 quarts.

I usually put in 4 quarts, crank the motor, check the lubricant pressure gauge, or light; check for leaks underneath the automobile (plug/filter), then turn the motor off.

Let the automobile set for about 15-20 minutes.

Pull the lubricant dipstick out and wipe it off. Replace it and pull it back out and look where the lubricant stage is.

If it's just a quarter to a half inch from the "Full" mark, I'll add only a half-quart of lubricant, then check it again.

You will need to take the old lubricant and filter to a mend shop or a disposal venue to discard it.

PLEASE, don't pour it out on the ground! EPA!!! Remember, I TOLD you so! ?º

So, you don't have to wait in line at the *quick* places to get your lubricant changed anymore! Never, ever, again.

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